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Dr Miles Russell features in a recent issue of Esquire Magazine

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Esquire Esquire explores the world of hoaxes  

In their April 2007 Edition, Esquire Magazine published a five page feature entitled the '20 Greatest hoaxes of all time'. The article looked at just how much the general public have been fooled by fictitious media stories over the years, both in print and on screen. Taking in the likes of the more recent 2006's disappearing Denmark story, 92s Nixon comeback announcement and going way back into the annals of time for 1957s Panorama expose on spaghetti trees in Switzerland, Esquire also enrolled Dr Miles Russell for the lowdown on Piltdown Man. Dubbed at the time of its apparent discovery in 1907 as 'the most sensational archaeological find ever', the article goes on to reveal that it was in fact a crude hoax in 1953. You can read the feature in full here.

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