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CS staff return from two weeks fieldwork in northern Kenya

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Out in the field in Kenya Kenya believe it?

Professor Matthew Bennett, Dean of Conservation Sciences, and Harry Manley have just returned from two weeks fieldwork in northern Kenya. Working as part of an international team (Rutgers University, USA & National Museums of Kenya), they continued research into the paleoenviroment of the Lake Turkana basin, near the world famous Koobi Fora fossil beds. Fieldwork involved intensive sampling of fluvial sediment deposits, high resolution topographic survey and detailed recording of animal and hominid footprints.

This work was a precursor to more intensive fieldwork planned for July 2009, as part of the Koobi Fora Field SchoolExternal Link, where students are introduced to the principles and techniques of Paleoanthropology.

Out in the field in Kenya

Should any students wish to participate in the 2009 Field School, please contact Professor Bennett in the first instance.