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Dan Tarrant Students win employment bursaries
Final Year students in the Archaeology and Historic Environment Group, in the School of Conservation Sciences, University of Bournemouth win employment bursaries...

Three final year students from the Archaeology and the Historic Environment Group in the School of Conservation Sciences have gained an outstanding start to their archaeological careers by winning a bursary competition held by Wessex Archaeology Ltd., a leading archaeological employer.

Daniel Tarrant, Elaine Simpson and Justine Biddle were in competition with final year archaeology students from Winchester and Southampton Universities for a six month bursary being offered by Wessex Archaeology Ltd. Archaeology graduates who wish to pursue a career in fieldwork often find it difficult to get their first appointment because of their inevitably limited employment history. The bursary offered by Wessex Archaeology is therefore a means of providing an important first step for recent graduates interested in a practically based career, by giving them an opportunity to gain skills and experience and to progress their careers through working in a professional environment. The success of this scheme is demonstrated by virtue of the fact that four previous bursary holders continue to be employed by Wessex Archaeology.

Daniel won the competition to be awarded the six month bursary, but Elaine and Justine also performed to such a high standard that Wessex Archaeology has offered them both three month contracts. Dan and Elaine have now accepted their posts and will start working with Wessex in the summer. We wish them all every success for the future.