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Conservation Sciences staff member to give public lecture

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Public Lecture by Paul Cheetham - 13th January

Paul Cheetham, Senior Lecturer in Archaeological Sciences, will deliver a public lecture in Salisbury entitled 'Grave Concerns - Archaeological Science as Forensic Science'.

Archaeology and a criminal investigation both seek to reconstruct past events from the physical evidence available - even if the results are put to very different uses! This talk will consider the development of forensic archaeology and the relationship between archaeological science and forensic science - and it will seek to show that, in comparison with archaeological science, much comparable forensic science is wanting. As a consequence it will tackle the misuse of the word ‘Forensic’, the occurrence of which is increasingly evident in the archaeological domain.

A lecture in the Museum's Archaeology Lecture Series, which take place on the second Tuesday of the months September to April inclusive.

No booking necessary, payable on the door

Cost: Museum members £2.00; non-Members £3.50; payable on the door