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Squibbing Folk map for Somerset County Council

Yvette Staelens researches new publication

BU staff member Yvette Staelens has been researching a Folk map for Somerset County Council and its publication is imminent.

This map includes ongoing research in to the folk singers of Somerset from whom Cecil Sharp collected an amazing legacy of song from 1903 onwards. The map also includes details of how people can get involved in the folk arts in the county, plus information about quirky local traditions like punkie night, the Minehead hobby horse, and squibbing.Most importantly it includes the names and locations of all of the folk singers that Cecil Sharp met and thus Somerset families today can consult the map to see if they have a singing ancestor.

The map is an innovative knowledge transfer project in the realm of intangible culture. It exemplifies a superb model of recording, collation and dissemination, enabling people to access their singing heritage through family connections - a very powerful experience. Staelens also discloses that the research has revealed that her own daughters are descended from Mrs Haskings of Rackenford, a fine singer who gave Sharp five beautiful English folk songs in 1905.

The picture above depicts squibbing at Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival.

40,000 copies are being printed and distributed by Somerset County Council through, Tourist information centres, libraries, arts centres and other cultural outlets.