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Forensic Archaeology workshops a real hit

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Forensic Archaeology Media interest in Summer courses reaches all time high  

This years Forensic Archaeology workshops have once again been a huge hit with students. There has also been plenty of media interest in the events. Short courses such as the mass graves operation is the only one of its kind in the world and has garnered interested from national and European press. Here's a selection of links to some of the higher profile media reports seen recently.

BBC News - A grave job for student archeologists

BBC Radio 4 Today, 12 July - Interview with Ian Hanson

BBC Radio Solent, 15 July - Interview with Ian Hanson

Bournemouth Daily Echo - More than just Bonekickers

BBC Radio Solent 22 July Steve Harris Drivetime - Interview with Ian Hanson re: capture of Radovan Karadzic

Speigal (Germany) - Graben im Versuchsfeld des Grauens

Wave fm Thursday 24 July- Interview with Ian Hanson re: forensic courses

Wave fm Whizz Kids Forensics Day