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New Senior Lecturer joins the School

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Coastline Conservation Ecology gets a boost from Rob Britton

The School of Conservation Sciences would like to welcome another new member of staff, Rob Britton, who is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation Ecology and who brings a raft of knowledge to the School after working for the Environment Agency and, latterly, has spent time on conservation projects in Kenya.

"My research interests concern the ecology and conservation of freshwater fish populations," Rob explains. "This was first apparent to me during my Ph.D. that examined the impact of the cormorant - a fish eating bird - on inland fish populations. I then worked for several years for the Environment Agency as a specialist in the age and growth of inland freshwater fish, the ecology and management of non-native fish, and the identification of species in the diet of otters. Since 2002, I have also been working on conserving the fisheries of Kenya’s Rift Valley Lakes in the face of habitat degradation, over-fishing and eutrophication. It is my aim to continue and expand my research in these areas at Bournemouth."