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Stonehenge: Its only Rock and Roll!

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Stonehenge It's only Stonehenge, but I like it!  

Professor Timothy Darvill will be delivering the Christmas Lecture about Stonehenge to the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society in Dorchester Museum, High West Street, Dorchester on Friday 7th December 2007. Wine and mince-pies from 6.30pm, lecture at 7.30.

For bookings and further details telephone: 01305 262735

Professor Darvill will look at how Stonehenge developed from a humble henge like many others across the British Isles to the unique stone monument whose ruined form we see today. Bluestone rock brought all the way from southwest Wales to Salisbury Plain are what transformed the fortunes of the site; but why were they moved such a distance? And what did they mean to Neolithic people as they watched the sun rolling across the sky year in and year out? Developing some of the ideas presented in his book Stonehenge: the biography of a landscape, Professor Darvill will explore how Stonehenge might have been used and by whom.

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