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Anita Diaz Programme to be shown Sunday Oct 15th at 5.30pm

Staff and students to appear on new Channel 4 TV show

RDF Media have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a new 9 part TV series called ‘Wild Thing’, which will be transmitted in a late Sunday afternoon tea-time slot on Channel 4 in the Autumn.

Presented by Bill Bailey, and a team of experts (an eco-strategist, zoologist and an engineer) the premise of the programme is that each week the team are called to help examine a problem where wildlife is put at risk. A team of Bournemouth University students who had a training day in July were enlisted to lend a helping hand during production of the programme. They were duly filmed for the first episode of the show, while Dr. Anita Diaz (pictured above) was also interviewed as the scientific advisor organising their deer survey.

Over the course of several days the team focus on the animal under the spotlight looking at it’s habitat, lifecycle, breeding and feeding habits as well as other animals included in their eco system. They then work with experts already in place to help facilitate practical engineering solutions for their continued survival. You'll be able to see the outcome of their investigations during the October 15th transmission of the programme.

For more information contact Dr. Anita Diaz