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Matthew Bennett Formby Point Footprints

The Bournemouth staff head north for their latest footprint investigations

Professor Matthew Bennett and researcher Sophie Fisher recently visited Formby Point in the North West of England during the middle of July to explore and record the prehistoric footprints found on the coastline as they are in constant danger of erosion, but also of destruction from modern beach users.

Formby Point

Using a Konica-Minolta Scanner the footprints were individually scanned and the finished result was a 3D image of each print. Alongside this photographs were taken of each foot impression. While they were there, Professor Bennett was invited to be interviewed for a National Geographic programme called Naked Science, which was focusing on early humans in the Americas. In it, he was asked about his current research on the early human footprints discovered in Mexico.

Formby Footprints

During the course of their investigations, the Bournemouth team worked closely with Silvia Gonzalez and David Huddart, from Liverpool John Moores University.

For more information contact Prof. Matthew Bennett