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The Singing Landscapes Explore this fascinating project

The Singing Landscape Project
In 2006, Somerset County Council funded the production of 20,000 Somerset Folk Maps researched by Bearman and Staelens.

The Singing Landscape Project extends the Folk Map concept to Gloucestershire and Hampshire through collaboration with Gloucester Folk Museum and Hampshire County Council Museums and Archives service, and is funded by a £204,000 AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship grant.

The project also continues work in Somerset, this time in collaboration with Somerset County Museums Service.

About the Project

The Singing Landscape Project aims to:

  • Create cultural awareness of collected English folk song and dance in the west of England.
  • Produce folk maps, presentations and touring exhibitions that will stimulate the public to make their own enquiries into these specific expressions of intangible cultural heritage.
  • Provide a resource for musical researchers and family historians.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the new web content located here.