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Launch 2013 creates a buzz with local digital agencies

17 June 2013

An image of Richard Wilson and Mario Morello

BU students from the Interactive Media Production degrees presenting their amazing work.

The preview show started with Ilona Gaynor (director of the Department of No and Practioner in Residence at the Media School) talking to the students and a few guests about her career journey and current job experiences. These including work with FBI, Lego, and Goldman Sachs Donald Trump (designing an island). Though not feeling the project was ethically correct and questioned her integrity! She advised that students can secure roles that don't necessarily have to sit with websites and apps especially if you're charming! Quoting" Why would you get up every day and design crap you don't want to do"

Mik Parsons joined Ilona on advising the students to remain persistent, consistent and ensure their communication with potential employers are targeted and smart following 6 months of research on the companies. Even recommending them to pester and be obsessive!

The exhibition then opened with students from the Interactive Media Production degrees presenting their amazing work from mobile apps to augmented and alternate reality games! BU staff and guests queuing to get in! Guests included teachers, digital agencies, potential employers and obviously parents. This kept the room full with excitement and buzz whilst the 32 students showcased their work from their individual display-stations. A large wall display ran throughout the exhibition showing short trailers from each individual project.

Our final speaker of the day was Anthony Lilley with his presentation Death of Digital, a title which potentially contradicted the show but cleverly turned out to do just the opposite! Through audience participation he encouraged people to think about how our behaviours dictate how we use technology and how we are inter-connected. He explained that modern day technology is magic to most people, like electricity. No one understands it but everyone needs it and couldn't do without it! Also how things appear to be new sometimes but through 'digital' are just appearing in different forms, his illustrating example was how the Lottery was actually just a glossy reincarnation of Bingo.

He went on to describe a shift in control in how people use technology and that continues to change. How important the fact is that we are all now networked across international boundaries, and how dependent we are on the technologies that make this possible.

Ultimately, he concluded reassuringly, it's not important for us now to understand the technologies so much, as to play with and enjoy them and see what they can do for us. The show stayed open for two afternoons during which time a number of students were being invited to attend further employment interviews with local companies.

To round off their final year, the students headed off for a further exhibition event in London and to showcase their work again at the prestigious Google Campus location in Shoreditch.


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