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BU’s Jo Tyler speaks at leading broadcast industry exhibition

15 February 2012

Jo Tyler

BU’s Jo Tyler gives speech at one of the biggest broadcast industry events: the Broadcast Video Expo.

BU’s Jo Tyler delivered a speech at one of the biggest broadcast industry events yesterday, the Broadcast Video Expo at Earls Court 2 in London.

Radio Lecturer Jo was invited to speak in the Audio Room, sponsored by audio production software SaDie and Prism Sound.

Bournemouth University is the first Accredited SADiE Training Establishment for students and professionals in the UK.

Pete Nash, key accounts manager at Sadie said he requested Jo specifically because of Bournemouth Universities excellent reputation,

“I have always found Bournemouth University an inspiring place, I have even employed an ex student in my own company, and have been to Bournemouth University about 10 times to give presentations and guest lectures, and I just find everything that comes out of Bournemouth extremely inspiring so I thought Jo was the perfect person to ask to come and talk at the Broadcast Video Expo.”

Jo spoke about why radio despite the economic downturn is booming, and the importance of making sound an audio cinematic experience. She also commented that to make good radio you do not need “sexy studios, just good planning and understand what the listener will be hearing, binaural is important, it is even being used in mobile apps such as Pappa Sandre.”

She also spoke about developments in industry sound such as sound 5.1, and predicted sound developments will be online and not in actual radio.

Among Jo’s audience were employees from the BBC and CBBC radio, radio academics and students.

Jean Martin, Senior Lecturer of Digital Music and Sound art at the University of Brighton said he found Jo’s mention of binaural sound intriguing,

“To explore binaural in radio production is an interesting thought because more and more people don’t listen to the normal schedule but listen to the content as podcasts, so naturally they listen with headphones so you have an open door for introducing special sound into radio”

The Media School also held a presence at the industry event, holding a stand to help inform people on industry short courses.

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