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Bournemouth University first in the UK to gain SADiE accredited status

8 November 2011

Bournemouth University team with Pete Nash

BU has achieved SADiE Training Establishment accreditation through the quality of its teaching.

The accreditation to BU is part of a new scheme launched by SADiE 6 software to improve training for students using its editing equipment.

SADiE is industry standard editing software recently contracted across all BBC production offices UK wide and BU are proud to be the first UK university to gain the accreditation.

Pete Nash, SADiE's Broadcast Consultant who is in charge of the Accreditation process said,

"We established the accreditation scheme to give recognition to those training facilities that are offering exemplary lecturing standards in terms of technical and creative awareness of SADiE as a high end editing process."

Pete continued,

"As the craft editor of choice for many international broadcasters, including the BBC, it is important that students entering the job market have the necessary skills to work with this industry-established tool. By having SADiE Accreditation, Bournemouth University students can prove to future employers that they have been trained to a very high standard and thoroughly understand the SADiE editing equipment they are likely to encounter in the real world."

Radio Production lecturer at BU, Jo Tyler said,

"Today's students need every advantage they can get if they are to compete in what is a very difficult employment environment. As an accredited SADiE Training Establishment, we offer our students the option of undertaking a set of exercises and tests to become accredited SADiE operators, This enables them to walk into any broadcast establishment anywhere in the world and say ‘I am an accredited SADiE operator, I come to you on a plate because I am already trained.’ In real terms this will be a major advantage in the job market."

Courses will be running for MA Radio Production students to achieve their SADiE certification 2012 and BA students will have the chance to gain accreditation as part of their work placement options.

BU will also be offering the courses to independent producers, freelancers and interested Alumni.

For further information on SADiE, please visit:

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