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3D or not 3D - that is the question

24 November 2010

Gary Kurtz

Expert panel discusses the merits of 3D asking the audience to decide whether it’s a fad or the future of cinema.

Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz and Chief Executive of Film London, Adrian Wootton thrashed out the pros and cons of 3D in a topical debate chaired by comedian Phill Jupitus.

The debate took place as the culmination to a special ‘3D Week’ organised by the Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy at Bournemouth University and the Arts University College Bournemouth.

Anti-3D movie veteran Gary said: “To me there’s absolutely nothing of value added by the 3D experience. Even Avatar worked as well in 2D as it did in 3D”. When asked about the prospect of Star Wars being remade in 3D he answered, “I don’t like it at all”.

Adrian had contrasting but equally strong views on the subject, claiming Avatar “worked because it immersed you in a completely unreal artificial world and made you think it was real, enhanced by 3D.”

Others areas up for discussion included the economic benefits for film companies, the trading off between plot and ‘experience’, 3D in the home and the inaccessibility of the medium for people with sight problems.

Chair Phill Jupitus of ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ and BBC Radio 6 fame added his own thoughts on 3D, as well as some comedy gems about the upcoming royal wedding. Co-Directors of Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy, Richard Johns and Murray Weston, joined the discussion representing for and against respectively.

Bournemouth’s 3D week also included an opening presentation by Professor Ian Christie, author of ‘The Last Machine';and a later session from John Dollin and Richard Jakeman of Sky 3D.  Practical demonstrations included first sight of the brand new Panasonic AG–3DA1 double-lensed professional 3D camcorder; test viewings of content run through the innovative JVC 2D to 3D converter IF-2D3D1, and demonstrations of Adobe and AVID software suites which support 3D post production.  A session in the Bournemouth ODEON with a presentation by Cinema Technology Editor Jim Slater, and a full-length screening of the British 3D movie STREETDANCE, was another highlight.

The week was arranged with assistance from Panasonic, Sony, The Foundry, Holdan, The Stereoscopic Society, ODEON group, Sky Television, Adobe, AVID, JVC, and Teletest. It had additional support from the iNets South West creative industries initiative and South West Screen to encourage knowledge transfer and new business engagement.


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