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Advances in Media Management (AiMM)

27 June 2011

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BU’s AiMM to become Europe’s leading edge forum for the study of media management.

Dr. John Oliver and Dr. Sukhpreet Singh, both from The Media School at Bournemouth University, are the driving force behind a new research group that will provide a platform for researchers from across Europe to contribute leading edge knowledge in the field of media management.

Launched at the European Media Management Association’s Annual Conference in Moscow last week, AiMM (Advances in Media Management) is a virtual research group providing media management education and dissemination via a sophisticated blend of theory and practice.

Dr Oliver said: “AiMM draws on the theory of business and management disciplines and applies these to media businesses and the media industry. For example, strategy, organizational studies, marketing and economics. By doing so, we hope to advance theoretical and practical knowledge in this area.”

AiMM will provide advice on training for Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Professional Development programmes as well as international, national and regional events to disseminate their knowledge. The support for research and enterprise funding bids will also provide welcome support for those in the sector.

Dr Oliver continued: “AiMM provides an exciting platform for practice-led media management researchers from across Europe to develop a range of collaborative projects. It’s hoped the group will encourage national and international collaborative academic partnerships and the team have already developed significant ties with fellow academics in Sweden, France, Spain, Russia and the UK.”

Many of these relationships were developed in Moscow when AiMM was launched. The conference theme was ‘Restructuring and reorientation: Global and local media after the recession’ and both BU academics who attended gave compelling presentations. Dr Oliver addressed the dynamic capabilities of European television broadcasters and Dr Singh spoke about television format protection and exploitation issues within the BRIC economies.

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