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15-19 November is 3D week

3D Week

Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy host a week of 3D events at Bournemouth University (BU) and the Arts University College at Bournemouth (AUCB).

Students, alumni, staff and members of the public are invited to join 3D Week from 15-19 November, hosted by the Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy.

Presentations, screenings, workshops, networking events and a debate will take place during the five days. Topics covered will include 3D stereoscopy, 3D post production, 3D shooting, 3D television and 3D cinema.

Murray Weston, Co-Director of Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy, said: "3D Week will engage with some of the most important aspects of current developments in film and television production and exhibition. It will also look back to the work of Victorian pioneers to give a complete overview of how we have got to where we are with the technology."

He continued: "At the Bournemouth ODEON on 18 November, for instance, there will be a number of technical demonstrations followed by a screening of the British 3D hit production STREETDANCE. 3D camera rigs, history of 3D stereoscopy, 3D post-production, 3D cinema projection and a '3D or not 3D?' debate are all part of the 3D Week programme."

There will be evening social events, including a mid-week visit to The Westbourne in Bournemouth, which is one of Sky Television's 3D pubs.

Much of the 3D Week activity will take place between BU and AUCB and a full programme can be viewed online at

The '3D or not 3D?' debate, which closes the week, will be led by a panel including Adrian Wootton (Chief Executive of Film London) and Gary Kurtz (Producer of the early 'Star Wars' films). Phil Jupitus will be Chairman.

Murray concluded: "Anyone interested in film, television or games production has a need to engage with the up-to-date techniques and technologies being developed to deliver 3D stereo images and sound to audiences. 3D moving image media have been through a number of false dawns during the last century, but the industry view is that 3D is now set to be part of the future, led by high-value live services and block-buster productions."

Visitors will need a 3D Week passport ticket (£15.00 for students and alumni and £45.00 for members of the public) which gives entry to all the events.

3D week has been arranged with assistance from Panasonic, Sony, The Foundry, Holdan, The Stereoscopic Society, ODEON group, Sky Television, Adobe, AVID, Nvidia, JVC, and Teletest. It has additional support from the iNets South West creative industries initiative and South West Screen to encourage knowledge transfer and new business engagement.


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