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Question Time on Campus


Question time The popular BBC current affairs TV programme Question Time returns to Bournemouth University this Autumn.


Bournemouth University will host the BBC current affairs television programme Question Time on Thursday, 5th October.

This will be the fourth time that BU has hosted presenter David Dimbleby and Co as the Question Time production unit transforms the Sports Hall on the Talbot Campus into a working TV studio.

Question Time will be pre-recorded during the evening in front of an audience of 150 people representing a cross-section of society. The programme will go to air later the same evening in an 'as live' format.

The programme comes to town on the heels of the Conservative Party Conference which will inhabit the Bournemouth International Centre from October 1st to 4th.

There is no word yet regarding who will serve on the Bournemouth Question Time panel but an interesting mix of people have previously visited the campus for the programme including Virgin boss Richard Branson and former government ministers Robin Cook, Michael Howard and Clare Short.

The University will have no control regarding tickets but anyone interested in becoming part of the audience can apply on-line by visiting the BBC Question Time website.



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News 22nd September 2006

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