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‘5 Go Killing’

‘5 Go Killing’ poster A play written by BU’s John Foster to be shown in the Allesbrook Theatre, Talbot Campus.

Looking for a post Halloween thrill? How does a ‘Famous Five’-esque murder rampage appeal to your spine tingling senses?

BAFTA award winning playwright and lecturer at Bournemouth University John Foster, has written a drama inspired by true events which happened in Annecy, a city at the foot of the French Alps.

A group of very middle class young people would meet around a picturesque lake surrounded by rolling mountains and plot the murders of the elderly people of Annecy. The group carried out a number of vicious pensioner killings until the elderly population rebelled by forming small army hiring private security firms until the young killing cult was unearthed by the Gendarmerie.

This powerful yet disturbing tale will be brought to life in the Allesbrook Theatre at Bournemouth University on Wednesday 16 November at 6.00 pm, with students receiving tickets at a discounted price of £4.

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