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INFER project ready for launch logo BU's Smart Technology Research Centre is preparing to launch a major project supported by partners in Germany and Poland.

The Smart Technology Research Centre, based within BU's School of Design, Engineering & Computing, will host the public launch of a new and exciting research project called INFER - computational INtelligence platform For Evolving and Robust predictive systems - on Monday, 6 September.

INFER is a major EU-funded project involving 25 academics from organisations in three different countries including Evonik Industries from Germany, one of the world's leading companies in the process industry and Research and Engineering Centre (REC) from Poland, a highly innovative software engineering company. 

The project will focus on pervasively adaptive software systems for the development of an open modular platform applicable in various commercial settings and industries. The main innovation of the project is a novel type of environment in which the “fittest” predictive model for whatever purpose will emerge –either autonomously or by user high-level goal-related assistance and feedback. Such system is beneficial for businesses relying on accurate ahead predictions of any type (e.g. customer behaviour, market conditions) and, at the same time, requiring an automated ability to react to changes in market or operational conditions.

During the launch, we will be joined by Detlef Nauck, Chief Research Scientist at BT’s Intelligent Systems Research Centre and Visiting Professor to BU’s School of Design, Engineering and Computing, Professor Nauck is an academic of world-class pedigree, particularly in the field of business and computational intelligence research.

Where: Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University, Lansdowne Campus, BH8 8EB
When: Monday, 6 September, 2010
To register: Please use our online registration form. For further details and enquiries please contact Dr Petr Kadlec.

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