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Progressing excellence in management research

Waitress taking order from couple in restaurant A BU conference aims to lead the way in raising the quality of service industry research.

Improving the quality of tourism, hospitality, retail and event research will be the focus of discussion for an international conference taking place at BU’s Talbot Campus on Wednesday 17 February.

The one day conference ‘Progressing excellence in Management Research and Journal Rankings for the Services Industries’ aims to improve the impact of Service Management-related research, publications and academic journals.

Targeted at leading industry professionals and academics, the conference will explore the quality criteria for the UK government’s Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF), and the methodology used for constructing the Association of Business Schools (ABS) Journal Quality Guide list.

It will also examine the economic and social benefits the industry brings to society at large.

The event has been jointly organised by the International Centre for Tourism Hospitality Research (ICTHR) – based within BU’s School of Services Management – and BU’s Business School, together with the Kent Business School, University of Kent. Full programme details are available on the conference web pages.

Conference organiser Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Deputy Director of ICTHR, comments: “This important event provides the opportunity to discuss how Service Management specific research and related publications can increase it quality, citations and impact as well as its ranking within the Business and Management RAE/REF panels.

“Delegates will be able to hear from Editors of specialised Service Management journals particularly those specialising in tourism, hospitality, retail and events, and debate quality improvements based on the criteria and methodologies employed.”

Professor Buhalis adds: “The event will be concluded with ways forward to raise the quality of tourism, hospitality, retail, events and services management publications and increase the impact of the sector including economic, social, public policy, cultural and quality of life.”

Where: Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University
When: Wednesday 17 February 2010
Further information: For further information and registration details please visit the conference web pages listed below.

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Following the conference Professor Dimitrios Buhalis will deliver his inaugural lecture ‘eTourism strategies 2020’ – part of the BU Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series 2009/10. For further information about this lecture and to register a place please click on the link below.

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