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Lecture to Focus on Iraq War Protests

10 May 2007

Professor Nick Grief Professor Nick Grief will examine legal aspects of the Iraq war when he delivers the next BU Lecture on Thursday 31 May.

Professor Grief will especially focus on some of the protests the conflict provoked.

The lecture – “From Baghdad to Bristol: hanging judges and hung juries" – will focus on the war, the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein.

It will also look at the trials of the ‘Fairford Five,’ the peace activists who tried to prevent US B52s from taking off from RAF Fairford to bomb Baghdad in March 2003.

The BU professor, sponsored by law firm Steele raymond LLP, is a practising barrister, and an associate tenant at Doughty Street Chambers, London.

Last year he represented one of the ‘Fairford Five’ in the House of Lords and at Bristol Crown Court.

He specialises in public international law, human rights and EU law.

In January he gave evidence to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee on the legal implications of the UK Government’s decision to retain and renew the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Earlier this month Professor Grief took part in a debate at Chatham House, seconding the motion that “The replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system is both immoral and illegal”.

Event Details

Where: Marconi Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus.
When: 5.30pm Thursday 31 May
Price: Free
Booking and Further Information: Pre-booking is advised by emailing or telephoning (01202) 961421.

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