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BU Professorial Inaugural Lectures 2008/09

Public Lecture at BU BU is offering you the chance to come and hear about the research that is currently being undertaken by some of our leading Professors.

We are pleased to announce that the programme for our Professorial Inaugural Lecture series for this academic year has now been confirmed, and launches next Wednesday 22 October.

The lecture series is a chance for family, colleagues and members of the public to come and find out more about the research undertaken at BU.

Apart from the first one on Wednesday 22 October, all lectures will take place in the Shelley Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus, and will start at 6pm lasting for one hour plus additional time for questions and answers.

Teas and coffees will be available beforehand from 5.15pm onwards in the Atrium, Poole House.

Professor Colin Pritchard – Wednesday 22 October, 5.30pm

Mary Wollstonecraft Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth House, Lansdowne Campus.

Professor Pritchard, from our School of Health & Social Care, will be giving a public lecture titled ‘Contributing to Society & Medicine: Social Work Research 2003-08’.

Professor Timothy Darvill – Wednesday 12 November

Professor Darvill made the international headlines this year, with his groundbreaking research into Stonehenge. The findings from that research will be explored at this lecture.

Professor Adam Blake – Wednesday 26 November

Professor Blake, a world expert who has contributed to many high-level research studies, joined BU as Professor of Economics. One of his most recent projects included a detailed study on the economic impact of London 2012, which formed part of the UK Government’s Olympic Games Impact Study.

Professor David Osselton – Wednesday 21 January

Professor Osselton is the Director of our Centre for Forensic Sciences. His areas of study include Forensic Toxicology, Interpretation of toxicological results, Post-mortem factors affecting drug analysis, and analysis of drugs in unconventional matrices.

Professor Sine McDougall – Wednesday 28 January

Professor McDougall is Chair of Psychology at BU. Her research focuses on our understanding of symbolic information either in the form of letters (reading and dyslexia) or icons used on computer interfaces and traffic and public information signs.

Professor Ralph Clarke - Wednesday 11 February 2009

Professor Ralph Clarke, who joined BU in September 2007, specialises in environmental statistics. In his lecture entitled 'Experiences from a variable Life of Environmental Statistics', he will explain how statistical ideas of variability and inter-relationships are crucial to understanding the environment, using examples from his collaborative research based within the Natural Environment Research Council, ranging from assessing the biological condition of rivers to the potential impact of housing developments and visitors on nearby heathlands.

Professor Barry Hough – Wednesday 25 February

Professor Hough’s expertise lies in the Public law subjects and in Employment law. His current research, which is funded by the British Academy, examines, from a Constitutional law perspective, the Laws and Public Notices promulgated by the poet, S T Coleridge, until he was acting Public Secretary in Malta.

Professor Adrian Newton – Wednesday 25 March

Professor Newton specialises in Conservation Ecology. In his lecture titled 'The Global Extinction Crisis - Red List or Red Herring?' he will be exploring the mass extinction of species that is currently taking place as a result of human activities.

Professor Steven Ersser – Wednesday 6 May

Steven Ersser is Professor of Nursing Development & Skin Care Research, based in our School of Health and Social Care. He is currently developing our new university-wide Centre for Wellbeing and Quality Life.

Professor Mark Brisbane – Wednesday 3 June

Mark Brisbane is Professor of Medieval Archaeology, based in our School of Conservation Sciences. His major research interests include the origin and development of urban sites in the Post-Roman period throughout NW Europe and the role of trade and exchange in this process.

Professor Siamak Noroozi – Wednesday 17 June

Professor Noroozi is Chair of Advanced Technology and Director of our Design Simulation Research Centre. His research interests cover a wide range of disciplines from bio-mechanics to artificial intelligence; from inverse problem analysis to light weight structures; from composite materials to passively smart adaptive composite structures.

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