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Managing International Outsourcing Relationships: Implications For Companies in the South West Region


Professor Colin Armistead The workshop is being led by Professor Colin Armistead, Director of the COE and Acting Head of the University's Institute of Business and Law.

The Centre for Organisational Effectiveness (COE), based in the Bournemouth University Business School , will lead this important workshop on Wednesday 24 May on the University's Talbot Campus.

The workshop, led by Professor Colin Armistead, Director of the COE and Acting Head of the University's Institute of Business and Law, focuses on managing international outsourcing relationships and examines the challenges and risks for companies in coping with geographic distances, cultural differences and managing relationships at different stages of development.

The workshop involves presentations by academic and practitioner speakers and group discussions for companies. Speakers include:

Dr Rhona Johnsen, Senior Lecturer in International Marketing Strategy in the Institute of Business and Law, Bournemouth University ;
Ian Jenner, a consultant with ‘The Consultancy Company' based in Oxford , specialising in the area of supply chain management.
The workshop will run from 4.00pm - 7.30pm . Participants will be charged £30 which includes refreshments.

Pre-booking is requested by contacting Maria Tidy at Dorset Business on: +44 (0) 1202 814805.


Who should attend the workshop?

  • Managers, directors and executives from purchasing, marketing, sales exporting and new business development.
  • Executives from agencies supporting businesses to internationalise

Workshop participants will:

  • Be introduced to models and tools for evaluating international business relationships.
  • Be involved in focus groups discussing ways forward for effectively managing in international outsourcing relationships.
  • Receive a report on the findings from the focus groups held at the workshop.
  • The workshop will also give you an opportunity to network with practitioners from a variety of industry sectors, researchers and academics.

Workshop Format:

Introduction by Professor Colin Armistead, Director of the Centre for Organisational Effectiveness and Acting Head of the Institute of Business and Law at Bournemouth University .

Academic Presentation: Dr Rhona Johnsen , Senior Lecturer in International Marketing Strategy, the Institute of Business and Law at Bournemouth University.

Managing in International Outsourcing Relationships

Many companies that have undertaken international outsourcing projects have found themselves struggling to control the activity they once controlled in-house. Recent research conducted in the Centre for Organisational Effectiveness has shown that the root of the problem is often that companies fail to recognise the importance of managing the relationship between the outsourcing organisation and the service provider, or supplier, which performs the outsourcing activity. Both parties involved need to take appropriate measures to manage the outsourcing relationship and to develop capabilities to cope with internationalisation. Drawing on her research experience, Rhona will explore some of the issues and implications associated with relationship and internationalisation challenges, particularly for SMEs involved with outsourcing.

Practitioner Presentation: Ian Jenner, Supply Chain Management Consultant, The Consultancy Company, Oxford .


Experiences of Implementing Outsourcing Projects


  • Round Table Focus Group Discussions: led by researchers from the Centre for Organisational Effectiveness. Participants will take part in group discussions on key aspects and experiences of international relationships and outsourcing and explore important issues for firms in the Southwest region.
  • Presentations from Round Table Focus Groups: participants from each focus group will briefly report on their discussions.
  • Final Discussions: led by Professor Colin Armistead

About the Speakers:

Professor Colin Armistead

Colin Armistead is Acting Head of the Institute of Business and Law at Bournemouth University. He is also Professor of Operations Strategy and Management and Director of the Centre for Organisational Effectiveness. Colin's interests are in organisational performance improvement from a strategic and operational perspective within and between organisations.

Colin Armistead's research in organisational performance improvement concentrates on strategic and operational perspectives. His work within the Centre of Organisational Effectiveness encompasses three main areas; performance management in service organisations in the context of organisational excellence; partnerships and networks, knowledge and learning in organisations and leadership. This work has increasingly been based on action enquiry to address pragmatic issues of theory and practice within business management. Research has been supported collaboratively by corporate organisations and the EU. Involvement in European and wider international networks concentrates on investigation of organisation excellence in the context of education, training and enterprise. He is a founder member of a EFQM Community of Practice.

Colin is active in support of economic development within the SW Region of the UK . Though his role as Chair of the SW Enterprise and Skills Alliance Research Forum, the work of the Partnership Exchange and individual projects, close working with business and agencies including RDA, HERDA, LSCs, GO, Business Links, Dorset Business and Local Authorities have been fostered.

Colin has worked previously at the Cranfield School of Management where he was Head of the Operations and Project Management Group and as a senior lecturer at ESCP EAP.

Dr Rhona Johnsen

Rhona Johnsen is a Senior Lecturer in International Marketing Strategy with long-standing research interests in how SMEs develop the capabilities for internationalisation and manage effectively in international business relationships and networks. A member of the IMP (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing) research group, Rhona's work is published in a variety of journals and presented at international conferences . She is collaborating on a number of research initiatives with colleagues at the Universities of Bath and Southampton in the UK , and internationally with colleagues from France, Denmark and Sweden . Rhona is currently involved in a large-scale research project on Global Outsourcing involving Stockholm School of Economics and Jönkoping International Business School in Sweden , where she is a Visiting Professor of International Marketing. Rhona has worked with companies from a variety of sectors on managing internationalisation, relationship and network issues.

Ian Jenner

Ian Jenner is a consultant with The Consultancy Company based in Oxford , specialising in the area of supply chain management. Coming from a corporate background of operations and supply chain management, Ian moved into consultancy 5 years ago.

During this time, Ian has worked with FTSE100 companies as well as smaller organisations both in the UK and overseas. Client assignments have covered a wide range of business sectors including automotive, pharmaceutical, food distribution, electronics, medical, construction products and the utilities addressing all aspects of the supply chain, from procurement & outsourcing through to warehousing and distribution.

Ian has a Masters degree in International Business Administration, has presented his work internationally and is also a published author in supply chain theory and practice.

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21st April 2006

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