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The environment, statistically speaking

Stream surrounded by grass BU’s latest Professorial Inaugural Lecture is scheduled for Wednesday 11 February with Professor Ralph Clarke.

One of the country’s leading environmental statisticians will deliver his Professorial Inaugural Lecture on Wednesday 11 February at Bournemouth University.

Professor Ralph Clarke will be delivering his lecture, entitled “Experiences from a variable Life of Environmental Statistics” at 6.00pm in the Shelley Lecture Theatre on BU’s Talbot Campus.

Throughout the lecture, he will use examples from his collaborative research within the Natural Environment Research Council to explain how statistical ideas of variability and inter-relationships are crucial to understanding the environment.

He will draw on a range of experiences, from the assessment of the biological condition of rivers to the potential impact of housing developments and visitors on nearby heath lands.

Professor Clarke joined the Centre for Conservation Ecology & Environmental Change in the University’s School of Conservation Sciences in September 2007.

During a career of more than 30 years, Professor Clarke has provided statistical, mathematical, population simulation modelling and associated advice to an wide range of research scientists, PhD students and other students in both terrestrial and aquatic ecology. This has often led to long-term collaborations and initiatives with research teams and the novel application and development of biometrical techniques.

A Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Member of the International Biometrics Society, Professor Clarke is the joint author of over 120 refereed scientific journal papers and over 100 externally-commissioned research reports.

He is currently involved in a pan-European study called WISER – Water Bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to Assess Ecological status and Recovery. This project will assess the ecological condition of European lakes, estuaries and coastal waters within the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Where: Shelley Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus.
When: Wednesday 11 February 2009, 5.15pm (refreshments), 6pm (lecture).
Further information and bookings: Refreshments will be available in The Atrium, Poole House. Please telephone 01202 965458 or email the BU Lecture booking service.

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