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Swash Channel Wreck & Dave Parham on The One Show

Date: 7 April 2011

A maritime archaeologist working on the Swash Channel Wreck

Maritime archaeologist shares expertise on the Swash Channel Wreck.

The famous Dorset shipwreck, know as the Swash Channel wreck was the focus of a feature on BBC 1’s The One Show which aired on 6 April.

Presenter Dan Snow took part in a dive on the wreck in the mouth of Poole Bay alongside a team of BU Marine Archaeologists, led by Senior Lecturer Dave Parham.

Dave also discussed why swift actions are important in investigating the wreck due to its deteriorating condition, described some of the artefacts that have been recovered from the wreck and explained what they have been able to deduce about the history of the ship from these discoveries.

The wreck which lies in the Swash Channel in the approaches to Poole Harbour has been examined by Maritime Archaeology academics and students for several years, and once the work on it is complete, all salvaged artefacts are intended to go on public display in Poole Museum.

Watch the episode of The One Show on iPlayer here.

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