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International Association for Tourism Economics 2011

The International Association for Tourism Economics holds its conference at Bournemouth this July.

On Tuesday 5th July: Brian Archer, formerly University of Surrey, will give a keynote address. 42 other papers during the day include topics such as tourism demand modelling and evidence-based policy making, factors driving repeat visit behaviour, the effects of World Heritage sites, and the economic analysis of events.

On Wednesday 6th July: Ufi Ibrahim, British Hospitality Association, will give a keynote address, and two panel sessions will discuss the future of tourism management in the UK and the future of publishing in tourism economics. Other sessions on Wednesday include papers related to skills and education, on the effects of the financial crisis on tourism, and the effects of tourism taxes.

On Thursday 7th July: Antonio Massieu, UNWTO, will give a keynote presentation on Thursday morning, and Diana Barrowclough, UNCTAD, will give a keynote presentation in the afternoon. Other sessions include papers related to tourism and the environment, the analysis of tourism demand, and approaches to tourism satellite accounts.

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