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Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group

From 4-6 January, 2009, Bournemouth University will be hosting the annual meeting of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG), a joint specialist group of the Geological Society of London and the Mineralogical Society. This wonderful event brings together scientists from around the world to discuss the latest research in volcanology and magmatic processes through a series of lecture and poster sessions.

Several themed sessions are being explored:

  • Volcanoes and Society –Highlighting the impact volcanic hazards have on society and the environment and our adaptations to volcanic activity. This session aims to explore the dangers faced in volcanic environments as well as the potential benefits, such as volcano tourism.
  • Intraplate Magmatism – A session to commemorate the work of Brian Upton, looking at intraplate magmatism in both oceanic and continental settings.
  • Modelling of Magmatic Processes – Papers for this session are sought on all aspects of modelling (analogue, numerical, geochemical, field-based) as applied to further our understanding of magmatic processes.
  • Ascent and Emplacement of Magmas – This session is dedicated to the work of Ken Thompson and contributions that deal with ascent and emplacement processes such as identifying magma flow pathways, internal architectures of igneous intrusions, structural controls on emplacement and accommodation of magma are welcome. Studies that use structural or geophysical techniques or combine these with petrological or geochemical techniques to study ascent and emplacement are particularly encouraged.

Additionally, many more topics will be considered and research-in-progress discussions will be included.