Commonwealth Powerlifting championships pushes off today at BU

15 December 2011

Audience at the Powerlifting Championships The Commonwealth Powerlifting championships have begun today at BU’s sports hall.

Today saw BU sports hall attract lycra-clad powerflifters from all over the commonwealth, gathering to push their powerlifting limits in pursuit of the Commonwealth powerlifting crown.

The games attracted teams from all corners of the globe; Australia, Canada, England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Scotland, and Wales, all made the powerlifting pilgrimage to the competition.

Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation secretary Paul Rees expressed his reasons for choosing BU as a suitable championship venue:

“Over the last few years sport BU have developed quite a lot of skills in running competitions starting with police national championships, since then they have held a number of British championships, so I think they have developed an expertise in putting things together, and have quite a vibrant powerlifting club operating at the uni.”

The dedicated sportsmen did not seem phased by the lengthy distance one may have to travel in the quest to be the best, as Andrew who travelled from Sydney, Australia said:

“The championships move to different countries every year, this year it’s in England, if you want to compete you have to come here. The main obstacle is a lot of flights, jetlag is the hardest part of the competition!”

Talent from the local area was evidently one reason for choosing to hold the championships at BU, 19-year-old Nutrition student Owen Hubbard is a junior medal prospect for Bournemouth University, who said that his course has endlessly benefitted his training, revealing his nutritional secret weapon:

“Nutrition is quite a big part in weightlifting, so the more I learn about it the better it is. The main thing is what to eat the day before and during competition so I do not feel as tired when lifting. The powerlifting superfood during the competition is undiluted jelly cubes as it is packed full of sugar which gives you the energy.”

The championships are being held until Sunday, when the gold medal winning team will be announced. The competition is run under international powerlifting federation rules and control, by the IPF, who run the Powerlifting at the I.O.C. World games. This includes the presence of the World Anti Doping Association dope testing team who will be dope testing all participants in the championships.

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