Psychology seminars to stimulate thought

Seminar speaker A new series of research seminars will reflect the growth in Psychology at BU.

Our thought-provoking psychology seminar series kicks off on Thursday 1 November with a guest lecture from Professor Michael Eysenck.

Professor Eysenck, from the University of London, opens the series with his 'Anxiety, Attention and Performance' seminar.

Our own Professor McDougall, who heads our Psychology Group in the School of Design, Engineering and Computing, will present her seminar on ‘Sense and signability: accessing meaning from icons and symbols.’

She said: "The quality of speakers for the series and the range of topics they will cover – from biometrics and forensics to ecopsychology – present an excellent way of creating further interest in psychology."

"The series reflects the current growth in Psychology at Bournemouth and follows the arrival of students to undertake our new undergraduate degree in Psychology just a few weeks ago."

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November Events

Anxiety, Attention and Performance
1 November

Professor Eysenck.

The onset of rapid word learning in infants and its cognitive correlates
8 November

BU graduate Dr Maryhan Baker.

Biometrics and Forensic Identification
15 November

On Thursday 15 November, Dr Itiel Dror visits from Southampton University to speak on 'Biometrics and Forensic Identification'.

Working with Groups and Dementia
22 November

Dr Mike Bender will lead the seminar on Thursday 22 November related to 'Working with Groups and Dementia'.

Sense and signability
29 November

Professor Siné McDougall, head of BU's Psychology Group, will lead the seminar on Thursday 29 November related to 'Sense and signability: accessing meaning fromicons and symbols'.

December Seminars

Optimal Flow Experience: Teaching , Learning and Life
6 December

Dr Stephanie Morgan, Birkbeck College, University of London

Ecological Intelligence
13 December

Dr Paul Stevens, BU

Further Information

Our Psychology Research Seminars in November and December are held from 5-6pm in the Coyne Lecture Theatre (PG145 - Thomas Hardy Suite) on the Talbot Campus.

Admission is free.

Contact Information

Dr Jacqui Taylor
Tel: 01202 965313

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