BU graduates produce award winning film

29 May 2012

Weaverfish poster

Two BU graduates receive accolade for their new film.

BATV production graduates walked away with the Audience Choice and Best Female Actor in a Feature Film awards at the Bootleg Film Festival.

Shortly after graduating from BU where Harrison Wall and Mark Maltby met, they decided to set up DollHouse Pictures Ltd and work on their first film together, alongside their full-time jobs in post-production companies.

WEAVERFISH is a feature film self-funded by the pair based around a group of friends who take over a secluded river creek in the restricted grounds of a condemned oil plant in a for a night of partying. It focuses in on Reece, a shy, introverted 19 year old whose weekend takes a turn for the worse when he notices those around him fall victim to a grossly disfiguring infection. The group have to escape back to civilisation, and begin a race for survival, untangling a surprising and shocking conspiracy.

Working on a shoe-string budget (£10,000) Harrison and Mark also recruited a team of current students at BU including Ruth Lilley, Jack Harrison, Alex Morrison and Karen King. They had worked with the students on previous productions CYBERBEAT (2010) and THE SNATCHING (2010 and had been incredibly impressed by their work, also acknowledging that their skills would be more developed after another year on the BA TV Production course.

WEAVERFISH took 18 months in total to produce, including 16 days to shoot.

Harrison Wall, BATV Production graduate and writer/director of WEAVERFISH said: “The (BA Hons) Television Production course taught us how to be creative with little to no budget. We were also encouraged to produce a vast amount of content within a tight timeframe. These particular factors really helped shape our attitude towards independent filmmaking and gave us the incentive to just go out and do it.

“We are incredibly proud of the team and how every single person's contribution has pieced together to create WEAVERFISH. We will look at it critically, because that is how we improve as filmmakers, but we are thrilled by the reaction so far.

"Our next step is to try and find distribution for the film. At the same time we will be developing potential ideas for our next production."

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